About Boydston Chemical Innovations, Inc (BCI)

BCI’s patented process achieves truly metal-free ROMP oligomers and polymers, including uniquely efficient synthesis of linear (non-crosslinked) variants. Organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, and material science are fundamental to what we do.  We use both continuous flow and batch processes to make oligomer and polymer products of dicyclopentadiene, tricyclopentadiene, and norbornene monomer families, to name the principal ones, with an emphasis on addressing customer needs. BCI uses our patented and exclusively licensed technology to make and license additives for damage-tolerant materials (US Army Research Labs, ARL), 3D printable resins, and to make feedstocks for high performance plastics and composites.  Ultimately, we provide innovative solutions using metal-free ROMP (MF-ROMP) to benefit society.  Please see boydstonchemical.com for more information.

Job Description:

BCI is seeking candidates for a Polymer Chemist/Scientist position, in Auburn, WA.  As a small company, all team members at BCI have broad responsibilities and deliverables, including the design and production of high value macromolecular materials, as well as development of synthetic routes amenable to our processing capabilities.  The goals are to be versatile, efficient, and cost-effective in delivering customer requested chemical matter to our customers, including participating in a Phase II STTR sponsored by Army Research Office (ARO).  This could be considered an industrial postdoc position, with funding initially tied to the Army project.  However, there’s an opportunity for this to grow into a permanent position.

We are looking for a candidate who is eager to work in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment, and enthusiastic about playing a critical role in growing the company.  Relevant prior experience and training could include: a Ph.D. in polymer chemistry, organic chemistry, chemical engineering, or material science and engineering; experience in synthesis, development and characterization of polymeric materials; familiarity with analytical techniques such as NMR spectroscopy, GPC, and thermal analysis.  The candidate demonstrates flexibility by adjusting workflow and schedules to meet customer needs, internal needs, or proposal submission.


  • Work with BCI team and Boydston Group at the University of Wisconsin, Madison toward meeting our STTR ARO objectives of: 1) understanding, producing, and scaling up both functional group enhancements and surface active group enhancements; 2) understanding, producing, and scaling up production of thin films of oligomers and co-oligomers, to make 12”X12” plates for testing; and 3) contribute to our shelf-life study.
  • Use scientific knowledge to improve current process and develop methods to overcome scale-up challenges.
  • Work as an integral team member, take responsibilities, pitch in for a variety of tasks.
  • Strong ability to listen to and work with customers.  Participates in business development (as needed)—including overnight travel and face-to-face meetings.
  • A professional that instills a sense of trust, confidence and credibility in people s/he meets.
  • Contributes to building BCI’s proprietary knowledge in the MF-ROMP space.
  • Keeps up to date on polymer chemistry, organic chemistry, and materials science to advance company objectives.  Maintains a willingness to learn (chemistry & business) and develop individually.


  • Ph.D. in polymer chemistry, organic chemistry, chemical engineering, or material science and engineering.  A candidate actively pursuing a Ph.D with the expectation of receiving their degree within two months of application would be considered.
  • A proven track record of successfully solving scientific problems, supported by publication, presentation, or advisor reference.
  • Ability to take initiative and be creative/innovative in problem solving.
  • Ability to work safely, productively, and efficiently in both a laboratory and professional environment.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills.  Willing to write proposals, if needed.
  • Excellent collaboration skills, team oriented and invested in the success of others and the small company.
  • Ability to respect differences, encourage scientific openness, has scientific integrity and willingness to participate in frank discussions.

How to Apply:

Please e-mail hiring manager John Goldstone, john.goldstone@boydstonchemical.com with a cover letter, your CV/resume and a research summary.  All levels of experience will be considered.